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Using the Curriculum Framework

The DigCurV Curriculum Framework provides multiple lenses onto digital curation, one each for staff engaged as Executives, Managers, and Practitioners. Each of the lenses can used to develop, evaluate, and plan training and professional development for staff engaged in digital curation across multiple sectors including the Cultural Heritage sector.

Schematic diagram illustrating the range of uses to which the DigCurV framework can be put including training course development and career planning.

Developing New Training Courses

The framework aims to be useful to those building new training courses. Depending on the user's aims, the framework can assist in providing a structure for a generic training programme for the role of digital curator, or it can suggest which subjects should be covered in shorter, more specialised courses addressing one particular area of professional digital curation practice. The framework may also supply a common language to allow those building and developing training to meaningfully describe the value of their training offerings.

Comparing Existing Courses

The framework provides a benchmark against which to compare existing training and also a way to map various training offerings against each other. The professional who is considering undertaking training may wish to compare available training programmes to help identify which is most appropriate for their needs. The framework can also be used by staff training providers to compare existing courses and assess suitability for their own institution's requirements.

Planning Professional Development

The framework suggests the broad range of skills and knowledge needed by professionals of various levels to successfully deliver digital curation in the cultural heritage sector. Individuals either intending to enter or already working in digital curation in the cultural heritage sector may find it useful to map their own strengths against the framework as well as use the framework to identify and describe areas in which they find further training useful.

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